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In the event of a disaster where you cannot use the elevator (earthquake, disaster, etc.), you can safely move to the upper or lower floors of the stairs by operating one caregiver. In particular, it was developed as a countermeasure against inundation of evacuation on the upper floors.
This item is eligible for long-term care insurance rental and can also be used as a barrier-free support.

Evacuation up and down stairs

    Evacuation up and down stairs

  • Battery powered

    Battery powered

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Facilities for the elderly, hospitals, public facilities, condominiums, etc. It can be used not only as an emergency preparedness but also as a barrier-free support. (Corresponds to the stairs usage rate of 38 degrees that can be used on the stairs of public housing)

Product specifications

Full length 1,346mm (When stored1,100mm)
Full width 421mm (When stored421mm)
Overall height 890mm (When stored482mm)
Maximum load 130kg
Body weight 49kg
Other specifications Maximum stair angle 38 degrees Oil damper method

*Special notes
Items subject to long-term care insurance rental
TAIS Code:00412-000015
This product cannot be operated by those who have not taken the operation training. At the time of delivery, we will give you an operation class (free of charge) for about 1 hour.

Instruction Video

  • Can be folded with one touch and does not take up storage space

  • Stairs run on batteries

  • Manually turn at the landing

  • Allowable stair size(mm)

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