Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information on this website

Name and address provided by the customer We respect the protection of other privacy and personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"), and on our website, we will protect personal information as follows regarding the handling of personal information. The scope of application is within this website. We are not responsible for the protection of personal information of other websites linked from this website, so please check and refer to each website.

Purpose of use of personal information
When personal information is provided by customers, it will be used only for the following purposes.
-Shipment of the ordered product
-Answer to inquiries received from us
Unless we have given your consent in advance, we will not use your personal information other than the above.

Provision to third parties
Personal information provided by customers will not be provided to third parties. In addition, this does not apply when disclosure of personal information is required by disclosure to outsourced companies such as shipping, or by legal order.

Management of personal information
We take appropriate measures to prevent the leakage and leakage of personal information provided by our customers.

Revision of this content
The Company may revise this content as necessary, such as revision of laws and regulations.

* The videos and information on this website are protected by copyright, so please refrain from reprinting without permission by individual or group companies.

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