• Down only
    with Wheelchair

    車いす専用 階段下降避難




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In the event of a disaster where you cannot use the elevator (earthquake, disaster, etc.), you can safely evacuate downstairs with a chair that is difficult to walk.
Even while riding on a chair, the caregiver can operate it safely by himself.

Evacuation down the stairs

    Evacuation down the stairs

  • No power required

    For wheelchairs

Recommended for people like this
Facilities for the elderly, hospitals, public facilities, etc. It can be used not only as an emergency preparedness but also as a barrier-free support.

Product specifications

Full length 1,411mm (When stored1,262mm)
Full width 606mm (When stored 606mm)
Overall height 963mm (When stored 305mm)
Maximum load 115kg ( A person + wheelchair)
Body weight 24kg
Other specifications Maximum stair angle 38 degrees
Oil damper method

Special notes
his product was developed by the Sapporo City Fire Department, Hokkaido Science University, and our industry-government-academia joint research "Research and Development of Chair Evacuation Equipment".

Instruction Video

  • Can be folded in normal times and stored without taking up space

  • Can be set quickly when evacuation is required

  • Go down the stairs at a
    constant safe evacuation speed

  • Easy to turn at the landing of the stairs

  • If you take your hand off the stairs, stop for safety

  • Allowable landing size

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